Dear Jon, just to say THANK YOU for your superb service. Packages arrived this morning safe and in perfect order. CB in the UK
• C.B. UK
Jonb, Thanks so much for helping us out! We were in a jam, with no rear-end just days before a 3 day event. In twenty years of buying Viper parts and dealing with Viper people, I can honestly say you have always been one of best best people in the business and the Viper community. Thanks for being there for all of guys that turn our own wrench. My son's and I are very grateful your business is surviving in such tough times. Now that were slowly getting back into racing, we will be turning to you for our Viper parts supply line. Sincerely, Todd
• Texas Todd

Belanger "Ultimate" HiFlow Cats, Cat-Back SRT10 G 3-4-5 $2049 to USA. G 2 $2395.

Belanger "Ultimate" HiFlow Cats, Cat-Back SRT10 G 3-4-5 $2049 to USA.  G 2  $2395.
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Price: $2,349.00
Availability: Pre-Order
Model: PR031
Manufacturer: Belanger
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

Belanger "Ultimate" HiFlow Cats, Cat-Back SRT10 G 3-4-5 $2049 to USA.  G 2  $2395.
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Belanger HF Cats and Cat-Back are BOLT ON, and  provide LOWER SILL and Footwell temps, improved flow, +15 HP and a great exhaust note.   Specify  Gen 3,4, and now Gen 5.  Eliminate 4 OE cats, for 2 HiFlow cats.  Utilizes OE Oxygen Sensors.   $1895 +  SH;  or $1995,  S/H Included USA.    [ Invocie will be modified to lowest combo.]

Footwell temps drop 150 degrees, sidesills drop 125 degrees.  See SuperCool option below.

An excellent quality system at a great price, from a premier Viper aftermarket manufacturer. Complete bolt–on system.  

Listen to HF Cats on stock exhaust, on G5: YOUTUBE:    https://youtu.be/3h06MyXhlZ8

See install video and feedback:    https://driveviper.com/forums/threads/23832-High-flow-cats-from-JonB-finally-installed-Should-have-done-this-long-ago

Want the ultimate "SUPER COOL" ?  Add Jet-Hot-Coating to cat downpipe and entire catback for $275!  Specify Black Or "Chrome" .

Gen 3-4-5   2022 Special  $2195 for Bolt-on Cats, and a Catback.  INCLUDES NO-CHARGE-USA SHIPPNG!!   Ships within 30 days of order.  Jet-Hot Coating adds 1 week.  

Full Details and pix here: http://driveviper.com/forums/threads/12857-PartsRack-Belanger-Hi-Flow-Cats-Catbacks?highlight=stubby

disregard photo here, see links.    

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