Dear Jon, just to say THANK YOU for your superb service. Packages arrived this morning safe and in perfect order. CB in the UK
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Jonb, Thanks so much for helping us out! We were in a jam, with no rear-end just days before a 3 day event. In twenty years of buying Viper parts and dealing with Viper people, I can honestly say you have always been one of best best people in the business and the Viper community. Thanks for being there for all of guys that turn our own wrench. My son's and I are very grateful your business is surviving in such tough times. Now that were slowly getting back into racing, we will be turning to you for our Viper parts supply line. Sincerely, Todd
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SRT10 Green Cone Air Filters

SRT10 Green Cone Air Filters
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Price: $189.00
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: GREEN248
Manufacturer: Green Filters
Average Rating: Not Rated

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Green Filter is on the cutting edge with rubber seal molding design. Most other cotton filter have used a process of pressure mold injecting. This process is good and saves time but the draw back is that a large percentage of the rubber leaks onto the cotton filtering surface area. So at times up to 20 –25% of flowing surface area is blocked by spill over rubber. This especially is important on the smaller filters because if an inch is blocked around the sides of a filter and the filter is only 4 or 5 inches long that is a 25 % loss. Green filter has taken a different approach with the rubber moldings of our filters. We use a four step process. It takes a lot more time and cost more to do but is worth it. Green filter's moldings are almost exact around the edges with no wasted surface area. Using this more efficient process the air flow is greater than the same size filter that is mold injected.

Green Filter has developed unique filter fitment design. Included with our filter we have designed a two stage trimable nub molded in to the rubber seal to custom fit the filters to a brand new air–box or one that been slightly damaged. Being that air boxes are just plastic they can warp or even melt from heat in the engine compartment. These nubs also benefit the filter fit by centering and aligning the filter in the air box so the rubber evenly seals.

Green High Performance Filter are a lifetime filter designed to be oiled. The oil creates a positive magnetic charge with the mesh, which attracts the negatively charged dust particles. The dust and dirt builds around the mesh to form a tunnel. This allows the cotton to remain cleaner for maximum flow.

Priced per pair of air filters, Cone filters are for SRT–10 only. Other applications available, call us for your make/model!

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