Dear Jon, just to say THANK YOU for your superb service. Packages arrived this morning safe and in perfect order. CB in the UK
• C.B. UK
Jonb, Thanks so much for helping us out! We were in a jam, with no rear-end just days before a 3 day event. In twenty years of buying Viper parts and dealing with Viper people, I can honestly say you have always been one of best best people in the business and the Viper community. Thanks for being there for all of guys that turn our own wrench. My son's and I are very grateful your business is surviving in such tough times. Now that were slowly getting back into racing, we will be turning to you for our Viper parts supply line. Sincerely, Todd
• Texas Todd

Custom Ratio Ring and Pinion Gearsets 3:73; 3:21; 3:55 BACK IN STOCK 8/23 ; 3:07; 4:11

Custom Ratio Ring and Pinion Gearsets  3:73;  3:21;  3:55 BACK IN STOCK 8/23 ;  3:07; 4:11
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Price: $629.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: MOPAR008
Manufacturer: Mopar
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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   3:55 NATIONAL BACK ORDER on Spicer-Dana-Mopar gears, til Mid Sept

You may find chinese softee cheap gears on The Internet, not from us, sorry

US–Made, Shot–Peen Hardened Gears, not offshore, flea–bay cheepies.  Our 3:55 gearset for Gen 1-2-3-4 is the exact-same gears as Dodge uses in the Gen 5 Viper !     {they bought their first 10 sets from PartsRack in fact!}  3:73 AND 3:21 PRICED  HIGHER. CALL OR MAIL

Adding a lower gear ratio FEELS like adding 60–95 Horsepower, Gen 1 – Gen IV.  6th gear becomes useful, and 5th is your best friend,  with this US-Made quality ring and pinion from PartsRack and SPICER.  

 92–10 requires Install kit with complete replacement parts Shims, seals, sleeve, washers, straps, bolts, etc etc) for installation of the gears. ALL the correct parts your installer will need.      92–02 onl, requires speedo calibration unit. 

Also Avail pre–installed in OUR diff our yours. CALL Adding a lower gear ratio feels like adding about 60–80 horsepower. (Year matters!) 6th gear finally becomes useful, and 5th is your best friend with this quality ring and pinion from PartsRack.

Available with a G1-2 speedometer conversion kit and the normal rebuild internals; pinion bearing, shims, seals, washers, half–shaft and drive–shaft straps, etc. Stronger than other units currently available in the aftermarket.  All kits require an internal and external service kit.  INSTALL SERVICE KIT $179;   GEN 1-2 SPEEDO KIT $149;     ADD CARRIER-SIDE BEARINGS ABOVE 15K MILES; $49

Note that these 3:55 gears are only for the Dana Super 44 differentials offered for all years Viper RT/10, GTS, and SRT–10. Limited Availability: 3:07, AND 3:45;  3.73 ratios.  And  new for 2016:  3:21 !!!   add $150, and requires 24-spline Yoke at $125,  "ALL VIPERS"

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